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Strategic Foundations. 

The CERT Group companies are established to provide management system certification and training services to improve the business performance enterprises in Europe and the CIS.

The mission of the CERT Group is to Shifting thinking in management systems!

CERT Group VISSON is to become TOP 10 leading certification bodies and training companies for management systems in the Europe and become TOP 3 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia!

To expand the opportunities and recognition of the company’s employees in international activities.

Provide attractive economic stability to employees and founders.

CERT Group values

  • Employees of CERT Group
  • Competence
  • Transparency
  • Responsiveness
  • Cohesion
  • Impartiality

Employees of CERT Group

These are talented nuggets with high potential.

We create a team of young and talented staff, carefully test their abilities, promoting and rewarding employees based only on measurable performance criterias.

We believe in the uniqueness and individual abilities of each employee and strive to unlock their potential.

We attract the best trainers and auditors who are able to promote quality management to enterprises in the CIS and Europe.

Competence, responsibility and professionalism

We are constantly improving the competence of tutors who are at the forefront and are able to change the worldview of enterprises to a qualitatively new level of management.

We care about developing the skills and knowledge of employees, leading to sustainable success and the achievement of individual performance criteria and business goals of the Group of Companies.

We “calibrate” the knowledge of auditors and experts to achieve the main mission – to Shifting thinking in management systems.

Transparency of activities, openness and confidentiality
We strive to ensure transparency in the activities of all processes and individually for each employee.
We openly demonstrate to both enterprises and competitors the advantages of our monitoring and management system as a whole, adopt the best work practice, transfer it during audits and trainings, respecting confidentiality.

Efficiency at work

Rapid response to customer requests is the key to successful business.

We always strive to improve the efficiency and speed of our processes based on balanced criteria, focusing on the needs of consumers and the business goals of the CERT Group.

Team Cohesion

We welcome young employees, help each other and strive to achieve individual and general performance criteria.

We regularly come together not only for new and challenging projects, but also for recreational and sporting activities together, creating a better and more cohesive team of like-minded people.

Impartiality and decency in work

We operate impartially and honestly, excluding conflicts of interest in certification, training and in life in general.

We recognize the merits of existing enterprise management systems, objectively evaluate them and strive to develop and improve.